🌻NEW STYLE NOVEMBER🌻 Trying a new class will expand your dancer's community of friends, enhance their confidence by indulging in a new genre, expose them to new teachers and learning environments, and allow them more time to have FUN at dance!

🌻During the month of November, if you ENROLL in a dance class for the 2022-2023 season, November Tuition is FREE!!

🌻Remember there will be a Gala Package Fee upon enrollment. The Gala Package will be processed on Nov. 15th in full. First Class - $135, Second Class $80

🌻New Students will also have a one time Membership Fee - Special Offer of $55

🌻Upon Enrollment you agree to all CC & Co. policies. We will reach out to you regarding the steps to finalize enrollment.

🌻 By booking a class you are agreeing to enroll for the 2022-2023 Dance year. Tuition will begin on December 1st. Tuition - $85 per month for the First Class and $50 per month for any additional classes.